Bathroomspareparts 7mm Shower Knob BSP-K009-SP

Bathroomspareparts 7mm Shower Knob BSP-K009-SP
Product Code: BSP-K009-SP
Brand: BSP
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Bathroomspareparts 7mm Shower Knob BSP-K009-SP

- 1 knob supplied (2 piece item).
- Very high quality product
- Ideal for your modern shower enclosure.
- 100% new.
- Easy to fit just unscrew and screw back up and you are done.
- Suitable for many different makes.
- An allen key may be required to alter the length of the threaded bolt so that it protrudes far enough through the    glass door for the handle to screw to.​​
A  - Screw diameter: 7mm.
B  - Screw length: 15.8mm.
C  - Length of half knob: 30.8mm.
D  - Inner diameter: 29.3mm.
Suits glass thickness: 0mm-12mm (grub screw adjustable).

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