Loan Quick Check Tap Cartridge Spline Finder TAPSPLINEIC

BathroomSpareParts Branded Tap Cartridge Spline Finder EBTAPSPLINE
Brand: Ebaths
£10.00 inc. VAT
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Quick Check Tap Cartridge Spline Finder TAPSPLINEIC

Return Loan Services  Initial Cost £14.50 once returned we will refund you £10.00 making your total cost  £4.50 + your return postage 

step1 : Place your order online and we will send out the spline finder 
Step2: Check the correct size spline against your tap;
Step 3: Return the spline finder to us with your valve information.
Step 4 : We will refund you £10.00 

The spline finder is a innovative idea. It is a must for any plumber or maintenance companies.
It is a simple tool for you to identify and match your customers old faulty tap cartridges to one of the many cartridges from our range! Simply place your customers old tap cartridge spline  (the spline is the top of the cartridge that the tap head slots onto) Into the different holes in the spline finder. Each hole in the spline finder has a tap cartridge code printed next to it. This will help you find which tap cartridge from our range will fit in that situation. 
A simple, but EXTREMELY effective selling tool for your convenience.

Summary- a must have for all maintenance plumbers, easy tool to identify tap cartridges on the spot and on the go.

Replacement valves are available from our web site. Stainless steel clearly coded.

Please note: Video below shows the old 18 cartridge version. The spline finder has now been updated to 23 pairs of cartridges making it an even more vital tool than before

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020 3940 9330