Neoperl Tap Aerator Assortment Box ARBOX

Neoperl Tap Aerator Assortment Box ARBOX
Product Code: ARBOX
Brand: Neoperl
£49.99 inc. VAT

Neoperl Tap Aerator Assortment Box ARBOX

Starter box with a great selection of the most common Aerators flow inserts and regulators.

A selection of 30 different items with a value of £125.03

The Kit includes the following   

1 X AR1 Neoperl M22/24 0.5gpm (1.8ltr) Spray Insert AR1    

1 X AR2 Neoperl M22/24 1.0gpm (3.5ltr) Dual Core Insert AR2

1 X AR3  Neoperl M22/24 1.5gpm (5.0ltr) Dual Core Insert AR3

1 X AR4  Neoperl M22/24 1.5gpm (5.0ltr) Dual Core Insert AR4

1 X AR5  Neoperl M22/24  Full Flow Aerator Insert  AR5

1 X AR6  Neoperl M22/24 Full Flow Aerator Insert AR6

1 X AR7 Neoperl M22/24 Neostrahl Stream Straightener AR7

1 X AR8  Neoperl M22/24 8.0ltr Crystal Stream Laminar Insert AR8

1 X AR9  Neoperl M24 Cache 1.5gpm (5.0ltr) Dual Core AR9

1 X AR10 Neoperl TT Cache 16.5mm 1.5gpm (5.0ltr) Aerator AR10

1 X AR11  Neoperl TJ Cache 18.5mm 1.5gpm (5.0ltr) Aerator AR11

1 X AR12  Neoperl JR Cache 21.5mm 1.5gpm (5.0ltr) Aerator AR12

1 X AR13  Neoperl TT M16/18 5.0ltr Insert AR13

1 X AR14  Neoperl TJ M19/20 5.0ltr Insert AR14

1 X AR15  Neoperl JR 1.5gpm (5.0ltr) Dual Core Insert AR15

1 X AR16  Neoperl M28 Chrome Housing (Rompigetto)  and Washer AR16

 1 X AR17  Neoperl M24 Chrome Housing (Rompigetto)  and Washer AR17

1 X AR18  Neoperl M22 Chrome Housing (Rompigetto)  and Washer AR18

1 X AR19  Neoperl M28 (Rompigetto) to M24 (STD) Adapter Ring AR19

1 X AR20  Neoperl M24 (Rompigetto) to JR Adapter Ring AR20

 1 X AR21  Neoperl M24 (STD) to JR Adapter Ring AR21

1 X AR22   Neoperl PCW-01 8.0ltr Washer/Regulator AR22

1 X AR23  Neoperl PCW-01 10.0ltr Washer/Regulator AR23

1 X AR24  Neoperl PCW-01 12.0ltr Washer/Regulator AR24

1 X AR25  Neoperl Dual Stream with Anti-Twist Swivel AR25

1 X AR26  Neoperl M22 Mini-Ecobooster 5.0ltr/10.0ltr Chrome AR26

1 X AR27  Aerator Service Key Single CACHÉ Key JR / Slim Air AR27

1 X AR28  Aerator Service Key single CACHÉ Key STD AR28

1 X AR29  Aerator Service Key Single CACHÉ Key TT AR29

1 X AR30   Aerator Service Key single CACHÉ key TJ AR30

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Brand Neoperl
Product Code ARBOX
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