Are Tap cartridges Universal? Introducing TapMedic!
Typically, our Answer to this question is no, whilst some taps may work with multiple cartridges typically only certain types will fit certain brands or makes. UNTIL TapMedic! TapMedic Is a revolutionary Professional solution of choice for dripping and...
Sparkling Shower Screens: Master the Art of Effective Cleaning for a Refreshing Bathroom Experience!
If you’ve recently fixed up your shower door with some new hinges or handles from us at Bathroom spares or you haven’t given it some TLC in a while, why not treat your shower screen and door to a good clean!
Exploring Tap Aerators
Tap Aerators are a simple addition to your tap that are designed to split your water flow into lots of little streams that are mixed with air. This reduces the flow of water but keeps the pressure the same. Overall, this allows you to use less water...
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020 3940 9330